About us


As a pan-European value added distributor and representer of high-end security products and solutions, BCE emphasises on original products from renowned manufacturers.  We use our expertise and knowledge to leverage the strength of each individual product into fully integrated business and consumer solutions.

With a skilled team of experts in the fields of IT & Security, BCE strives to provide the best products, services and solutions to the security market. Our passion to help end-users and reselling partners to fulfil their needs with optimised results is key.

- BCE intends to expand their business activities by setting up reliable long-term partnerships with stable companies throughout Europe and Russia. -

BCE operates in multiple security demanding sectors. Examples are government & public services, Ministry of Defence, Railways, Aviation, Ports, Industrial area's etc. Over the years of experience we developed a keen understanding of the demands and requirements in these markets. We have served a large number of customers in these sectors but continue to expand our operating field with new arising security and surveillance opportunities. 


Joop Bos, founder and CEO of BCE, has 25 years of experience in the security market. He gained fast experience of high-end security solutions while working as Sales Director at one of the leading European companies providing hard– and software solutions for alarm response centers.

In 2002 Mr. Bos was appointed as Managing Director of an alarm response center. He led the response center as well as the mobile surveillance and guarding group. In 2005 appointed as director of the alarm response center at one of Europe’s biggest harbours. He also acting as CCO of a start-up company with leading technology in wireless sensor network products from the Dutch Institute for Technology and Science.

After that Joop Bos founded BCE in 2009 to provide solutions with consultancy and sales of solutions based upon knowledge for Chemical-, Homeland-, Airport-, Defence-, Public Transport-, Police-, Governmental-, and border Control market.


Embracing the latest technology is key in creating a successful security and surveillance system. BCE offers cutting edge technology combined with experienced staff. We constantly look into products of other professional suppliers who can enhance the solutions we aim to provide and use those means if needed. 

Our differentiating qualities aside from providing the best technological solutions are:

  • Consultancy

  • System Design

  • System Integration

  • Commissioning

  • Managed Support

  • Training facilities


  • CarTag - Wireless security system to protect cars for stealing parts from cars parked at dealer parking places

  • Monet - Wireless monitoring system to secure arts at museums

  • Thermal Camera's - Thermal camera solutions up to 10Km. during day time and 4Km. at night

  • Personal Media Relay System - Advanced professional wireless multimedia + location, streaming and recording device with built-in GSM and GPS modem

  • RapidCam - Stand alone rapid deployment camera utilising 3/4G network for streaming video communication incl. GPS modem for automatic map allocation and audio

  • Solar MOCS - Solar based fully stand alone camera system with built-in GSM modem used for covert operations

  • Thermcam - First ATEX approved Rapid Deployment Thermal Wireless Outdoor camera system

  • Wavesight  - Wireless video outdoor network solutions for cities, harbours, airports and industrial zones


  • Netherlands - A nation wide cloud based storage solution of 15 Petabyte with an integrated Video Management System

  • Slovenia - Complete integrated camera system and Situation Awareness for 40 prisons.

  • Belgium - 21 Megapixel camera system covering huge parking areas and harbour port for observation, ISPS code and border control.

  • Airports - Integration of analogue and IP cameras at airports together with 21 Megapixel cameras covering public area and tarmac site for observation and border control.

  • Central (Train) Stations - Complete integrated Wireless network for camera system.