Body Worn Camera

3G/4G Body Worn Camera program for Police, Fire Brigades, Ambulance, Technical engineers for Inspection and Maintenance.

ANPR Camera program

ANPR Camera program for Parking and Gate Control - 30 till 100 kph. - Ultra High Speed IR Strobe - Speeds up to 220 kph.

Rugged Outdoor PTZ Camera

Rugged Outdoor PTZ Camera - The ideal camera to use for Traffic monitoring, Car Surveillance, Police and Firebrigade vehicles , Harbour Control, Investigation, Sensitive Site Surveillance, Obeservation and Object Inspection.

ATEX Camera Housing

ATEX Approved Camera Housings. Aluminium, Bronze or Stainless Steel A316 - Suitable for normal and thermal type of cameras.

Thermal Camera Program

A great variety of thermal cameras is offered by this program like as The Minitature Image camera for Drones - The BCK30A-35 Box camera for indoor use. For outdoor fixed, dome and dual Image Speed Dome camera can be offered.


Rapidcam RCB01 is a stand alone rapid to deploy camera for temporary for event observation - disaster management - city surveillance and traffic control. For remote communication 3G/4G/GPRS or wifi network modems take care for smooth streaming of video, audio and data signals